UGL in English

Teamout now offer the Swedish leadership program UGL, Understanding Group and Leader in English.

UGL is a leadership program founded by the Swedish National Defence University. UGL is the most popular and well known leadership program in Sweden today. During the last 40 years it has been offered to both civilian and military leaders.

Every part of the program has a scientific base making the results reliable and valid. The program is continuously updated based on the latest research available.

The course contains all the elements needed for successful leadership in varied types of organisation and groups as well as for your own inner leadership.


The Course purpose is to gain increased self awareness about the role of being both a leader and a participant.


Course objectives

UGL provides training and understanding of how a group develops and matures over time and what happens in the group during the course of this development. Within UGL, this is referred to as group dynamics.

The course raises knowledge and awareness around what kind of behaviours or actions promote vs. inhibit constructive development and group efficiency. The course also addresses the difficulties and possibilities of leadership related to the development of the group’s maturity.

Throughout the UGL course, learning is achieved by reflection, communication and gaining different perspectives and understanding about your own personal role; how you are affected by, and affect others.

During this course you will have the opportunity to:

  •      increase self knowledge and self awareness
  •      learn to identify and to handle conflicts
  •      learn to communicate in a direct and clear way
  •      learn about developmental feedback
  •      learn about affection theory and values
  •      learn the  different stages of a group’s development
  •      understand the need for different leadership styles related to group development


Who facilitates the course ?

Jarl Silfverberg, former head of the UGL concept at the Swedish National Defence University, 2002-2014 with the responsibility to develop and implement the UGL concept.

Ann Bergman, owner and founder of Teamout , has several years of experience facilitating UGL and other leadership programs as well as team building activities.


Course format and venue

The course is held at Skeviks Gård in Stockholm, a conference facility. The course includes five consecutive days with 48 hour held by the facilitator. The remaining time is set aside for reflective learning and self learning.

Sek 28 000 ex vat
price includes full board

UGL courses
Pricing and registration
Sek 28 000
ex vat
  • price includes full board at Skeviks Gård, Värmdö, Stockholm



Utveckling grupp och ledare är en heltäckande ledarskaps-utbildning som utvecklar dig som ledare för alltid. Kursen ger ökad självinsikt och stor förståelse för grupprocesser.
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